Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sheppard's Plaid

So, as promised, I've been knitting up a pair of gloves for myself! The Sheppard's Plaid, Sanquhar patter has been a nice change from the Duke. I've now finished the right hand glove and it fits perfect. My tension is getting better with the 1.5 mm needles and lace yarn.

Here's a picture of the right hand glove in the near completion stage. I like the look of it with the needles still in it.

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jardinrouge said...

I love these gloves that you are knitting...just beautiful! Funny, I just recently found the name of this particular plaid, and I had made my own little chart. I started the gloves, but they were too tight, so I just knit the pattern as cuffs on my gloves. And then today I found your website! I really like your gloves, so I shall follow your lead and use lace weight and small needles.