Saturday, December 28, 2013

Animals of Canada Illustrated Map

Animals of Canada Map

I made a blog post before about the illustrated map of Canada I created for Nature Canada.  Now I wanted to show you how I completed it as a personal art piece.

For the client artwork, I scanned in all the elements separately, so they could be moved around and scaled down as necessary to fit with the text and the layout.  After the job was complete, I took my time illustrating more animals and slowly planning out and pasting down all my little critters and foliage pieces.

Below is a photo I took of my messy studio space while in the throws of it.

At the end, I decided it would be nice (and a little educational) to include labels of the names of the animals.  I wish I could have included even more animals to the final artwork ... but I suppose there's always a limit.

I have prints of the Animals of Canada Map up in my Etsy shop! The print is 11"x14" which is a standard size for easy framing.

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