Saturday, April 13, 2013

Savary Island Tradesman

My dad has officially moved out of Vancouver and into his beautifully self-crafted cottages!  My dad has been building houses my whole life.  He worked as a draftsmen at Bush, Bohlman & Partners, but whenever he could take some time off, he was building his log cabin in Slocan Park or his ocean cottage on Savary Island.  Two of the most beautiful locations in British Columbia.

Now that he's semi-retired, and his homes are completed, he wants to keep busy and take on small building jobs around Savary Island.  Dad asked me to make him a business card for his new small business venture.  Above is the crest I illustrated for his double sided card.

Below is his gorgeous Savary Island home.  I love how he incorporated drift wood logs into the railings.  You can contact him by e-mail

And here's a photo of the sign I painted him, I blogged about it here.  You'll know he's on the island if this sign is displayed.

I also illustrated a map of Savary Island that I blogged about here.


Anonymous said...

Love the sign and your work in general.

Jessica Rae Gordon said...

Hey thanks!

Hena Tayeb said...

oh I love that.
off to check out more of your work.

Nate said...

Clearly, awesome talent runs in the family. Gorgeous...the sign, the cottage, the handsome portrait. All so good.