Saturday, March 16, 2013

Interval House Gratitude Report 2012

I love the 2012 Interval House gratitude report!  It was created and designed by the wonderful people at Agents of Good.  Throughout the report, my dollhouse illustration can be found in the photos.

I created this dollhouse illustration for the 2009 gratitude report.  The people at Interval House liked the illustration so much that they bought the framed original.  I'm so glad it continues to be a loved and useful piece of artwork for this Toronto battered woman's shelter.


Kristy Gordon said...

Woah!! That's so awesome Jessica and I love that photo with you piece in it!!

Jessica Rae Gordon said...

Thanks Kristy! That's the cover for the gratitude report. It's a pretty amazing photo. I love how the colours pop out so much from the grey Toronto cityscape.

John Lepp said...

Hue and Saturation are an amazing thing... ;) thanks for posting this Jessica!