Monday, January 30, 2012

Anthology Magazine Illustrations

Early December, I had the pleasure of creating five illustrations for the Winter 2012 issue of Anthology Magazine.  Together with creative director, Meg Mateo Ilasco, I illustrated the Amsterdam Map and four spot illustrations on homesteading.  My favorite of which is probably the "Caring For Chickens" one.

I gotta say, I was super excited when I received this issue in the mail.  It's chalk full of great crafting, decorating and general hand making ideas.  Plus, the cover and a handful of interior illustrations were done by fellow paper cut illustrator, Chlo√© Fleury.

You should probably pick up a copy. 


NATALIA NAZIMEK (nthlee) said...

amazing illustrations,great blog!: )

Jessica Rae Gordon said...

Thanks Natalia! I'm glad you like my stuff. I checked out your blog, you're a real pro at illustrating people :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! The picture of Amsterdam is absolutely gorgeous, do you mind if I use it in a blog post? I will of course credit back to here. :)