Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Illustrated Map of Nelson, BC

Nelson, British Columbia Illustrated Map
I spent the first 17 years of my life surrounded by mountains in the small city of Nelson, British Columbia.  Since moving away, I've visited at least once a year and I find myself appreciating it more and more.  I'm always thrilled by the beauty of it, mountains, clean water and great people.  Plus it's chalk full of outdoorsy things to do!

In the map I wanted to include some of my favorite places as well as some heritage buildings and of course, local wildlife.  I'd definitely suggest clicking on the image and seeing a larger view of it.

Also, I included my mom's house on the map.  It's the white one with blue trim just below Gyro Park.  In fact, I found it hard not to include a hundred more places and buildings.  It's so hard to be choosy.

Dad and I trail biking


BIO said...

Well done Ms Gordon!

Jessica Rae Gordon said...

nawww thanks Mr Clarke!